Counting the days

imageI never wanted to be one of those teachers who, as they retired, started counting down faculty meetings, report card due dates, holiday parties, etc.

But, sure enough, what with Common Core implementation and NYSED and local logistics being what they are, I am. This is a Bataan death march (with all apologies for the hyperbole to anyone who knows their history enough to be insulted by what that means) with every week longer than the last and a new FUBAR SNAFU every week. The last time I was this exhausted was when I had an infant at home with a spouse with a new job that kept him away 13 hours a day. The spouse had a new job, the infant didn’t.

I’m away from it for six days and I’m already dreading the return on Monday, I have to correct 180 pages of computation practice for three grade levels by Monday morning, ┬áthen write 36 report cards by Friday. It used to be a little like police work without guns and crime and TV shows: predictably dull with short bursts of excitement, and now, it’s just a mind-numbing grind, nothing exciting or rewarding about it. You know there is no chance to ever keep up with all the expectations given a 24 hour day, let alone trying to have a personal life.